Low cost green screen studio in Brixton, SW2


350 ft studio in London SW2

  • Chromakey studio with infinity coving
  • Prelit with professional fluorescent lights
  • 5m wide performance area
  • Grid for lights
  • 32A power
  • Complimentary kit including wind machine, C-stands, dolly track, poly boards, flags, gels, etc.
  • Studio not soundproofed but is located in a quiet street
  • Kitchen and toilet facilities. Green room by arrangement

Price for studio £200/ 10hr day. £50/hr overtime

In addition, we offer the following kit for hire:

  • Soflight kit consisting of a 4ft 4-bank Kino Flo, a 2ft 4-bank Kino Flo and a generic head with seven 50 watt spiral bulbs. Entire kit plus stands available for £100/day.
  • Tungsten kit: 2 x 2k blondes, 2 x 500w Mizar Quartz. £30/day.
  • 5D Mk II body: £50/day

  • Set of Nikkor Lenses: 28mm f2.8; 35mm f2; 50mm f1.4; 85mm f2; 135mm f2.8; Lensbaby Composer; Nikkon adapter for Canon cameras: £50/day

  • Sachtler Video 18 II tripod £30/day

  • Redrock Micro DSLR handheld rig £20/day