Casa La Torre, El Hierro

Casa La Torre stands in pristine countryside without a neighbour in sight. It's a place of enormous peace where the only sounds are the occasional tinkle of a goat’s bell, the distant roar of ocean waves, the call of high-flying eagles and the chatter of canaries.  At night the sky is bright with stars and the hillside echoes with the weird calls of the pardelas (petrels). The peace is guaranteed, in part, by the 200 metre walk from the road to the house. This makes a stay at the house feel like full immersion in the lovely El Hierro landscape. It does of course also have its drawbacks and means the house is most suitable for those who value solitude over convenience.

The house is off-grid and entirely powered by solar energy. It has many of the modern conveniences you would expect:  dish-washer, 4k TV, fridge-freezer, broadband internet, though a bit of common sense needs to be employed in their use, given that everything is running off six solar panels. The water is warmed by a separate solar system and there is a gas water heater as a back-up for cloudy days.

The house is surrounded by dozens of fruit trees: mangos, avocados, bread fruit, passion fruit, figs, oranges and papaya to name just a few. I recommend picking some fruit for breakfast and enjoying it on the cantilevered terrace, with a wide view of the ocean and of La Palma, 50 miles away. The air is so clear that at night you can see the lights of car headlights on the neighbouring island.

At present the house has just one double bedroom though plans are in place to increase this to two.  Cars can be parked off the road near the entrance to the property.

I assume you have done your research and already know that El Hierro is the best preserved, and arguably most fascinating of the Canary Isles. Casa La Torre (so named because of the old stone tower about 100 metres below the house) is situated in an area of great natural beauty, entirely undeveloped, at about a kilometre form the ocean. There are several good places to swim nearby, particularly El Pozo de las Calcosas and, my personal favourite, El Charco Manso. The house is extremely conveniently located between Frontera (via the tunnel) and the capital Valverde. There are also some shops and bars nearby in El Mocanal.