Lupita Dream On

Music Video for emerging Americana singer Trent Miller.  

2014. Director Harry Clegg. DOP Ian Hardin. VFX Harry Clegg. Shot at Helix Rd Studios.

Blind Alley trailer

A young man is fascinated by a strange and beautiful neighbour and obsessed by the previous occupant of his digs. He senses a connection between the two but by the time he starts to figure out the mystery it’s almost too late to save himself or the girl. Blind Alley is a gothic tale of voyeurism and entrapment.

Short film, Canon 5D Mk II, Anything Once Films. Screened at Cine de la Calle festival, Barranquilla, Colombia; Salon Internacional de la Luz, Bogota, Colombia; Festival de Cortometrajes Rodinia; Spain, Viewster Online Festival.

Ravishing Beauty

A man pursues a woman through the forest  in a modern retelling of an ancient myth.

2012, short film, Red Epic, Anything Once Films, Lochana Films

By the Window

A charismatic interloper persuades his victim to take responsibility for a crime he hasn’t committed. A film about identity, and the techniques of persuasion and influence. Written by Leila Nicotera.


2011, DVCPRO HD with 35mm adaptor, Anything Once Films. Screened at Zealous X, London.


An army of clones marches across an endless lake. They appear unstoppable until an unexpected turn of events reveals just how unstable their progress really is.

2010, short film, Red One, Solar Flare Pictures, Anything Once Films, official selection ISFF Detmold, Germany; Interfilm Berlin; surPoemas underFilm, Malaga.

Mummy's Boy


Today’s the day Kevin gets to meet Marjorie, his birth mother. He’s looking for answers and he’s looking for all the love he feels he missed out on as a kid. But will Marjorie be able to give him what he’s looking for?

2009, short film, dur 10 mins, super 16mm, Anything Once Films/OTT Films. Selected for screening at Europe in Shorts, Cologne.

Caller Pays

Frank’s girlfriend’s mobile phone is like a smoking gun. When Frank’s psychotic sidekick finds who she’s been talking to she and her young son are in serious danger.

2009, short film, dur 6 mins, 16mm, Anything Once Films/OTT Films. Official Selection – Brighton Final Cut